Similar Objects Tilde LP Coming this August

August 8, 2013

Video by Paco Raterta.

Prolific beatmaker Jorge Wieneke of Similar Objects releases a brand new album this August, featuring cover art by Number Line Records’ favorite, Nicole Coson. As followers of Similar Objects know, Wieneke’s work is informed by his own eccentric take on Jungian theories of the mind and the universe. We asked him a few questions, in the hopes of getting a sense of the big ideas behind the new album, Tilde. ________________________________________

Tell us about the title of the album? “Tilde” is a symbol meaning “approximately” or “similar to.” It’s also used to indicate something that’s missing. Tilde is a play on approximates, uncertainty and a sense of not knowing—it’s a journey through truth and selfless love re-imagined. It’s focused on the world within and its relationship to the world without. It sorta reflects the nature of thoughts and its relation to manifestation.

Can you say something more about the “relationship of the world within” and the “world without”? The universe is mental. The universe is a great mind. And we are fundamentally part of that mind. Every thought we have is a thought in the mind of the universe. As we come to understand ourselves, we are in closer and closer relationship with the greater universal aspects of mind and this gives us more and more understanding and power over ourselves and everything else. Tilde is a narrative of things, ideas, and thought patterns that we perceive within ourselves. We fail to realize sometimes that what exists within may also manifest outward.

How is Tilde different from your previous releases? I’ve been trying out some new things on this release. I’ve been incorporating more live instruments and sounds with this record. from singing, chanting, guitars, and pianos, to found objects and more. I’ve also spent a huge amount of time trying to translate into music a lot of what’s been going on with me. There’s definitely still some glitch and hip-hop elements in there, but I guess it channels a little bit of my bluer side. More than anything it’s about moving forward. There’s a hidden story in there, a loose sequel to Finding Astral Lovers.

So we can expect a somewhat darker record? I’ll be upfront and say that it’s alot more melancholic than my other releases. The past year’s been a bumpy ride for me in more ways than one. I’ve experienced a lot and most of that is reflected in this release. All of the songs here were written chronologically. I’ve released a lot of instrumental music, but i haven’t really consciously tried to tell a story since Finding Astral Lovers and this stems from that same energy.

Tilde LP is set to be released on August 21, 2013.
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Producer Jorge Wieneke used to sing for a punk band, but was inspired by minimalism, abstract art, and hip hop to create beats and produce more experimental, art-driven music. He released some of this material under the name “milkriddles” ( More recently, Jorge has been using a matryoshka doll as point of meditation and focusing on the relationship of all things similar. His current project, Similar Objects, documents moments and emotions that are universally experienced and is inspired by Jung’s belief in the existence of a second psychic system of a collective and impersonal nature. The resulting releases are collections...