Buy Tarsius ‘Primate’ Vinyl LP Online

January 8, 2013


Primate, the critically-acclaimed debut LP of Tarsius is now available from the Number Line Records website. You can purchase the album as a 12″ colored vinyl or as a digital album. Vinyl LPs come with MP3 download codes and are available for delivery worldwide. Click on here for more information on the album or here to purchase the vinyl LP.


01 E.S.P.
02 Deathless Gods
04 Association Dues
05 Whirling Dervish
06 Anarchy in the Ukay (feat. Evil Scientists)
07 Black Saturday
08 Chosen Few (feat. Slow Hello)
09 Nightlife
10 No Way Jose (feat. Outerhope) (vinyl only track)
11 From the Mountains (feat. Caliph8 and Malek)
12 Chosen Few (feat. Slow Hello) (Similar Objects Alphawave Remix) (vinyl only track)
Featured Artist
Manila-based duo Tarsius, composed of Diego Mapa and Jay Gapasin, combines electronic music and live instrumentation to produce psychedelic-electronic dance tracks influenced by hip hop, big beat, house, jungle, and indie/alternative dance. Mapa, who fronts riot-inducing indie rock outfit Pedicab, and Gapasin, who plays drums for the critically acclaimed jazz band Radioactive Sago Project, met in 2006 while touring in Geneva and Hong Kong as part of Rock Against the Round: Musicians Against the WTO. Mapa and Gapasin reconnected in 2011 during a Daedelus show. During this time, Mapa had been doing DJ sets and working as a music arranger, and...