Eyedress Mini-mix for VICE Noisey

January 8, 2013


Photo by Sam Potenciano

Eyedress recently put together a mixtape for VICE music channel, Noisey. The mix features Outerhope, Beareded Ladies, Eggboy, and a number of other Manila-based acts. Check it out here, along with some of Eyedress’s old, “super chilled and ethereal-to-the-point-of-blissful-comatose instrumentals” that the folks at Noisey dug up.


1. FMAM – “Gonus”
2. Akio – “N” (prod. by Similar Objects)
3. Bubble Based Boy – “7 x 6 is 42″
4. RH Xanders – “Listen”
5. Outerhope – “No End in Sight”
6. Eggboy – “Nagsasawa Ka Na Ba?”
7. Bee Eyes – “Magic Hour”
8. Mount Analogue – “A Song for Four Octobers”
9. Bearded Ladies – “Vesuvian”
10. Moscow Olympics – “Safe”
Featured Artist
Eyedress is the solo project of Idris Vicuña, lead guitarist of lo-fi, garage pop outfit, Bee Eyes. A mix of slow beats, sauntering synths, and washed out vocals, Eyedress's songs are inspired by new wave, Super Nintendo, mistrust, loss, and psychedelic drugs. In 2012, Eyedress debuted with Half Japanese (Number Line Records), along with a self-titled 3-inch CD from French label, Beko. These two releases demonstrate Vicuña's ability to use ultra-chill beats and slurry, drowned out vocals to craft a dark, retro-futurist take on contemporary synth pop.