The French Pop Dream, "Eurostar, the Musical" / Some Gorgeous Accident, "A Constant Rotation" (Split)

Earlier this year, Duncan Steer of the UK indie pop band, Pastel Collision, found himself living near French singer Anne Brugiere in London, and decided to make a record with her singing in English. The result is French Pop Dream, a collaborative inspired by the sound of Francoise Hardy and the atmosphere of 1960s Paris. Steer describes their single, “Eurostar, the Musical,” as “soft-voiced summer pop about belonging, waitressing, and doomed romance, set on the Eurostar and in cafés across Europe.” Their songs, he says, are about “people in Europe moving from country to country, looking to see if life will be different for them.”

On “Eurostar, the Musical,” Duncan and Anne worked with accordionist and piano player Myriam Gasser and producer Jamie West. They also enlisted 19-year-old photographer Fanny Latour Lambert to shoot the video. “We wanted the songs to have a setting,” says Steer, “like a film, to sound like they came from a place. Will you be a different person when you go somewhere else? Will you find someone else?” A full-length album accompanied with a series of short films is slated for early 2014.

Some Gorgeous Accident’s D. describes the new single, “A Constant Rotation,” as a song about “time lost, time gained and lost again.” In the song, he says, “everything is gradually brought together by time, but is also shattered by it. It goes back, almost abruptly, to the beginning, although not quite in the same way.” Like (lyricist and vocalist) Taylor (Crawley) says near the end of the song, it’s cyclical. It turns into something both familiar and unfamiliar.” “A Constant Rotation” is the second collaboration between Some Gorgeous Accident and Crawley, who appears courtesy of Jenny Arson.

Album Art by Jo Aguilar.


01 Eurostar, the Musical
02 A Constant Rotation