Similar Objects, Tilde (LP)

Prolific beatmaker Jorge Wieneke of Similar Objects puts together some big ideas for his new release, “Tilde”. Drawing from the meaning of the symbol as “similar to” or “approximately”, and its function as a mark of suspension, Wieneke creates a record that puts his emotions in suspended animation. “Tilde” is also a play on estimates and approximations – the beauty of uncertainty, doubt, and self-discovery. The tracks are arranged according to when they were written, telling the events of Wieneke’s story chronologically. “There’s a hidden story in there, a loose sequel to Finding Astral Lovers”, he says. “I guess it channels a little bit of my bluer side; it’s a lot more melancholic than my other releases.” “Tilde” features collaborations with guest artists Lustbass , August Wahh, and Rh Xanders.

Tilde (LP)

album art by Nicole Coson


01 Blue Resonant (Intro)
02 Delograft5
03 Infinite Love is the Only Truth, Everything Else is an Illusion
04 Transformation for Happiness
05 Lichenes
06 Tilde
07 MT (Interlude)
08 Belly
09 K(n)ow More
10 Saquasohuh
11 A Day of Singularity
12 W8 ft.