Similar Objects, Finding Astral Lovers (LP)

Beat producer Similar Objects (Jorge Wieneke) has been experimenting with meditation and astral travel. The result is Finding Astral Lovers, an otherworldly album that uses ambient beats and both small and lush soundscapes to evoke out-of-body-experiences. Written as a kind of dream journal, the album’s eleven tracks chronicle what Wieneke refers to as astral adventures or what skeptics might call “lucid dreams.” The tracks range from spacey, lilting numbers like “Di la della Vita” to contemplative tracks like “bathed in a gloriously blue light” to darker, more frenetic pieces like “kite,” all of which touch on psychospiritual themes such as past lives, immaterial travels, and the line between sleeping and waking.

Finding Astral Travelers (LP)


01 The Egyptian Ka
02 Le Medecin de Vame
03 Black out for a second.
04 buffeted and jolted.
05 “kite”
06 Phantasms of the Living
07 “a small chord like a spider’s web.”
08 Dr. Moody
09 Di la della Vita
10 bathed in a gloriously blue light.”
11 closer to the light