Similar Objects, ambgqty (LP)

Ambiguity or in this case ambgqty refers to a certain deceptiveness or doubtfulness of meaning; not everything that makes perfect sense to someone can mean as much to another individual because of the unique and intricate system of understanding all of us human beings possess. Ambgqty is a collection of sound spaces inspired by confusion, subliminal messages, lucid dreaming, social dynamics, spirituality, deceit and the likeness of human beings to living organisms from the Kingdom Plantae or “Plants”.

ambgqty (LP)


01 Nine Worlds
02 Backhasten
03 Vril Ya
04 Terminal Dogma
05 Whxcked Oxt Cxndy
06 Quetzalcoatl
07 inter(Qaa)lude
08 Hidden Home Videos
09 Deep Web