Outerhope, No End in Sight (EP)

No End in Sight (2012) marks a departure from Outerhope’s earlier work. Featuring intricate arrangements awash in shimmering synths, guitar layers, electronic drumbeats, and boy-girl pop vocals, the songs are in turns tinged with melancholy and expectancy, from the hypnotic “Lost Year” to the infectious “No End in Sight,” to the otherworldly yet somehow familiar “Hear the Days Go,” and finally, to the wistful “Pale as the Day”. This latest release may surprise some who have come to think of the brother-sister duo as having a certain organic, folk sensibility. Rather than a radical departure, however, No End in Sight offers a new take on the themes of hazy memory and loss that have shaped the siblings’ prior work.

No End in Sight (EP)


01 Lost Year
02 No End in Sight
03 Hear the Days Go
04 Pale as the Day