No Rome, "Dance with Me" (Single)

“Dance with Me” is the debut single from No Rome, the dance-pop project of teenage wonder Rome Gomez. An expertly crafted introduction to Number Line Records’ newest addition, “Dance with Me” brings together simple yet infectious beats, triffling piano riffs, and impeccably timed breaks that will nudge even the most reluctant listeners towards the dance floor. The accompanying b-side, “United We Are,” trades the more organic piano sounds of “Dance with Me” for more glimmery tones, topped with a surprising synth solo that brings No Rome closer to synthwave territory. While the two homespun, synth-driven tracks were written a couple of years apart (Gomez wrote and recorded “Dance with Me” when he was fifteen), they both highlight Gomez’s undeniable pop sensibility, as well as his prodigious ability to craft sun-drenched, attention-grabbing pop songs made for repeat listening.

Dance With Me (Single)

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01 Dance with Me
02 United We Are