N/ Sampler Vol. 1

To introduce the artists and projects that make up Number Line Records, we’ve put together a special compilation/sampler, which you can stream and download for free below. We’ve also printed limited edition physical copies featuring alternate covers by artists Bea Camacho, Mariano Ching, Dex Fernandez, Marcushiro Nada, and Tof Zapanta (above). These copies were given out to the first 50 people at the Number Line Records Launch Party, which was held last May 6 at Saguijo.

Tof Zapanta
Dex FernandezMariano ChingBea CamachoMarcushiro Nada


01 Modulogeek
No Laughing Matter (Meta-Remix)
02 Multo
In Sum of the Sacred
03 Love in Athens
Short Stops on Empty Parking Lots
04 Big Hat Gang
05 Similar Objects
Hidden Home Videos
06 plantatree
07 Tarsius
Whirling Dervish
08 Manuel Nicolas Alvero
09 The Treblinka Love Scene
Nice Try, Sunshine
10 Slow Hello
Decidedly Weird
11 Outerhope
We Have Somewhere Else to Go (Prtkl Remix)