Multo, "Upon Returning" (Single)

“Upon Returning/Hallelujah and All Those Things” is the second release under Number Line Records by Allan Lumba, a.k.a. Multo. While representing a bit of a departure from the stripped-down, guitar-based pop of his earlier work, they are similarly characterized by carefully considered words and beguiling tunes. “There really isn’t anything that ties together these two songs, except maybe they are conceptually two of the more ‘hopeful’ themed songs I’ve made,” says Allan. Both songs are taken from his forthcoming first full-length album Dead Stars, which he predicts will be “More lush, layered, somber, drawn-out, and ultimately more nuanced than [debut EP] Footnote to Youth.”

Upon Returning (Single)


01 Upon Returning
02 Hallelujah and All Those Things