Multo, Quiet Places (EP)

Quiet Places, the latest release from Allan Lumba (aka Multo), is a collection of older, original material, plus covers of songs by indie rock band, The Clarendon Hills, and folk singer, Kath Bloom.

The EP departs from the distorted guitars and infectious beats that defined Lumba’s previous work in Footnote to Youth and from his brief foray into electronic music through his Third World Summer project. Lumba describes the tracks on Quiet Places as “practices in structure and repetition, but also just in the aesthetics of simplicity.” Still, despite the various methods he uses to strip down Multo’s sound to its most organic form, Lumba’s melodic sensibilities remain intact throughout the EP’s nine tracks.

The opening track, “Don’t Wait to Call Me” begins by zooming past a synthesized static sound and then escapes into haunting classical Spanish guitar riffs and percussion. “Swimming Santiago”, “From Autumn Seeds”, and “Until Death Starts” sound like Lumba personally playing tunes for you right before hitting the studio or before making any decisions to overlay the tracks with an onslaught of instrumentation. The orchestral inclination that we first heard in “Hallelujah and All Those Things” is revisited in “Summer Scarves,” where single notes plucked from a guitar are echoed by an entire string section. The cover songs towards the end of the EP are reinvented in a similar fashion, with the indie rock elements of “Syracuse” replaced with Lumba’s trademark backing vocals and the quiet folk song, “Come Here” made even more lulling by reverb-laden vocals and the absence of additional instruments.

Lumba describes the overall tone of Quiet Places as reflecting “slower moments, like introspective breathing spaces in this world of constant social mediation.”

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Quiet Places (EP)


01 Don’t Wait to Call Me
02 Swimming Santiago
03 Caught in a Current
04 From Autumn Seeds
05 Until Death Starts
06 Summer Scarves
07 Syracuse [The Clarendon Hills Cover]
08 Reverie
09 Come Here [Kath Bloom Cover]