Modulogeek, Transition (EP)

Transition is a collection of tracks from what Joon Guillen calls his “fumbling” phase. It includes several entries to’s remix challenges as well as some tracks that were part of various collections, such as “No Laughing Matter” from the Number Line Records sampler and “The Beginning of a Beautiful Friendship” (We Are Triangle).

The EP is accompanied by an artbook featuring Charlie Visnic’s (and laid out by Adrian Arcega).

Transition (EP)


01 The Tail of Mr.Fox
02 Lost in Numbers (Modulogeek Mumbles Remix)
03 The Beginning of a Beautiful Friendship
04 Spectre
05 Over (Or, A Love Song Leading to Multifaceted Deaths)
06 No Laughing Matter (Meta-Remix)
07 Goodnight, Storyteller
08 Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas (bonus)