Modulogeek / Similar Ojbects / Tarsius, The Hong Kong Remixes

Number Line Records is very excited to release this special remix EP from Similar Objects, Tarsius, and Modulogeek. Fresh from their triple-header show in Hong Kong, the three electronic acts have taken turns deconstructing and reinventing each other’s work. The resulting EP, The Hong Kong Remixes, features three hybrid edits: Modulogeek’s “Walking” re-imagined through the cosmic sensibilities of Similar Objects; “Padmini Dhoop,” the Similar Objects collaboration with Rh Xanders, darkened with Tarsius’ rolling beats; and the Tarsius hit “Deathless Gods,” reintroduced with Modulogeek’s trademark sense of play and then reworked into a euphoric, electro-influenced dancefloor filler.

(Album cover photo by R. Wollstadt)

The Hong Kong Remixes


01 Modulogeek – Walking
(Similar Objects Remix)
02 Similar Objects – Padmini Dhoop
(Tarsius Remix)
03 Tarsius – Deathless Gods
(Modulogeek Remix)