Modulogeek, Pipes and Palindromes (EP)

Following his remix of Outerhope’s “The Man with the Pipes,” monome artist Joon Guillen—aka Modulogeek—wrote five other tracks around it, each shifting in mood and key. The result is Pipes and Palindromes, a conceptual EP loosely structured to flow like the score of a musical, with reprises and recurring themes. The EP both builds on and departs from Modulogeek’s previous work. It contains standout tracks such as “Do Undo,” where Guillen introduces a heavier, dancier version of Modulogeek, as well as more familiar songs such as “3.14,” which showcases Guillen’s skill in creating machinic soundscapes that are simultaneously whimsical and melancholic.

Pipes and Palindromes (EP)


01 Intro
02 The Screen Was Shot
03 3.14
04 Interlude
05 Do Undo
06 The Man with the Pipes
07 Reprise