Love in Athens, Half-awake in the Morning Haze (EP)

Half Awake in the Morning Haze is the latest release from Francis Maria Regalado’s synthpop project, Love in Athens. Francis’ recent move to Manila influenced the overall sound of this release, which he describes as “a restless account of a change in scenery, the surge of traffic, and the low mechanical hum of the capital’s railways”. The theme is evident throughout this collection of songs, from the compelling opener “Shell Canvas”, a track awash in lush, atmospheric guitar lines and unrelenting, to-and-fro shifts in part and rhythm, to the hazy, infinite swooning of the ending track “Closure”.

Francis describes Love in Athens as “an endeavor subject to the wills and desires of my own emotions. I have no say in the matter. It happens by itself.”

Half-awake in the Morning Haze (EP)


01 Shell Canvas
02 Waiting For Sundays
03 Hiroshima Mon Amour
04 Closure