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Manila-based duo Tarsius, composed of Diego Mapa and Jay Gapasin, combines electronic music and live instrumentation to produce psychedelic-electronic dance tracks influenced by hip hop, big beat, house, jungle, and indie/alternative dance.

Mapa, who fronts riot-inducing indie rock outfit Pedicab, and Gapasin, who plays drums for the critically acclaimed jazz band Radioactive Sago Project, met in 2006 while touring in Geneva and Hong Kong as part of Rock Against the Round: Musicians Against the WTO. Mapa and Gapasin reconnected in 2011 during a Daedelus show. During this time, Mapa had been doing DJ sets and working as a music arranger, and Gapasin had just recently returned to Manila after teaching music in Singapore. They formed Tarsius as a project combining both musicians’ love for electronic music.

Originally conceived as a solo outlet for the material Mapa was producing outside his numerous other projects, Tarsius’s current incarnation involves live drums, synths, and electronically-generated soundscapes.

Deathless Gods

Whirling Dervish