plant a tree

Renowned drummer Pat Sarabia (Wilderness) describes her solo project—plant a tree—as the "non-rock" side of herself. “I want to try making music that I’m not used to," she says, "to get out of my comfort zone. So I tried making some electronica, with the goal of making electronic music in mind, but it doesn’t necessarily have to sound electronica, just my idea of what I think electronica is.” Indeed, Sarabia's 8-track release, Jumbngle wouldn't qualify as "electronica" in any conventional sense; instead, it works as a set of genre-defying sound collages—micro-sample-based tracks that experiment with odd time signatures and abrupt and subtle progressions in order to blend “noise, rock, jazz and overall sound science” (Capitol Public Radio). Again defying expectations, Sarabia has since reinvented 'plant a tree' as a vehicle for collaborative works that both effect and deconstruct recognizable pop and rock song structures. One of her latest collaborations, PNP4, is featured in volume 3 of the Number Line Records sampler.