Photo by Stephanie Aguilar and Bobby Benedicto


Outerhope was formed in the summer of 2004, when siblings Micaela and Michael Benedicto created songs with a guitar, keyboards, and layers of vocal harmonies. Inspired by the decade of their childhood, they wrote about lost youth, forgotten plans, and in-between places.

The duo’s sound was initially characterized by tale-spinning lyrics sung in airy boy-girl harmonies, laid over hushed guitars and chiming piano melodies, as showcased in their 2005 full-length debut Strangely Paired and the 2009 record, A Day for the Absent.

Their latest release No End in Sight (2012) marks a departure from Outerhope’s earlier work. Featuring intricate arrangements awash in shimmering synthesizers, guitar layers, electronic drumbeats, and dream-pop vocals, the songs on the 4-track EP are in turns tinged with melancholy and expectancy, and reintroduce the siblings’ recurring themes of remembrance and loss. In conjunction with the release of the EP, Outerhope played the NYC and SF Popfests, to rave reviews:

"Michael and Micaela Benedicto blew away the crowd with their dreamy sounds. It's hard to get a crowd completely transfixed, but that's exactly what they were as (Outerhope) played their set." —ChargedFM

"Outerhope recreates the warm outdoors of all those summers you can’t quite remember...The audience was stilled, hushed, maybe even a little entranced." —MTV

Lost Year

No End in Sight