Seattle-based artist, Allan Lumba (aka Multo), has been writing music inspired by 1970s/1980s radio pop and Pacific Northwest indie-rock since 2006. In 2010, Lumba moved to Manila, where he wrote and recorded Footnote to Youth, a bare-bones, rhythm-centered 4-track EP made in the absence of reliable equipment. The EP represents Lumba's brand of intelligent pop music, which sets somber, almost literary, lyrics about memory and displacement against infectious hooks and into sophisticated arrangements. It also reveals some of Lumba's major influences, most notably, lo-fi DIY aesthetics; the vocal sensibilities of songwriters like Doug Martsch; the messier elements of nineties bands such as (Martsch's) Built to Spill, Guided by Voices, and the Halo Benders; and the indie pop sensibilities of acts like the Softies and Dear Nora. In his 2012 single, "Upon Returning," Lumba crosses over into indietronica territory, a direction he pushes further in his other Number Line Records project, Third World Summer. In 2013, Number Line Records will be releasing Lumba's second Multo EP, Quiet Places, a collection of older, unreleased recordings.
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