Multi-instrumentalist Joon Guillen has been part of Manila-based bands Outerhope, Musings of a Cigarette Smoking Man, We Kick Ass for the Lord, and the jazz band Fish Trio (in addition to his previous bedroom project, A Shortcut to Mushrooms). He moved to Hong Kong in 2007, where he found himself without a band and began working with a monome controller. Now, as Modulogeek, Joon is producing electronic music that combines melodic influences from the likes of Ben Folds with a sense of drama reminiscent of producers such as Tycho and Cheju. He gained public attention with his debut single, "An Android's Lament," a sophisticated experiment in film audio sampling accompanied by a video by Spanish producer José Barrera. The single was followed by two EPs: Transition, a selected set of tracks that have appeared in various collections, and Pipes and Palindromes, which introduced a darker, heavier approach to Modulogeek.
An Android's Lament