Love in Athens was started in 2008 by Francis Maria Regalado as a shoegaze-postrock project. After several roster changes and an extended period of inactivity, Love in Athens joined Number Line Records in 2011 and debuted a brighter, synthpop take on the lovelorn sound of its earlier inception. A recent transplant to Manila, Regalado has been documenting and rendering life in the megacity through songs that are simultaneously atmospheric and melodic, ambient and narrativistic. His first release under Number Line Records, "Old Houses" (split single with Third World Summer) was imagined as “a human pulse in the middle of a heartless urban setting.” The same might be said of his 2012 EP, Half-awake in the Morning Haze, an alternately grim and fantastical record he describes as “a restless account of a change in scenery, the surge of traffic, and the low mechanical hum of the capital’s railways.”
Shell Canvas

Waiting for Sundays