Yes Manzoni is the first Number Line Records release of Berlin-based artist Honor Gavin. Built out of a vocal loop, the undeniably infectious title track is a homage to the concrete rainbows of Honor’s hometown, Birmingham. It references Herbert Manzoni, the midcentury city engineer and surveyor responsible for the creation of Birmingham’s so-called “concrete collar,” the inner ring road. Largely derided as a symbol of Birmingham’s transformation from a grand Victorian city to a brutalist environment of tower blocks and cars, the road has been partially and gradually dismantled. “Yes Manzoni,” however, evokes the oft-unacknowledged beauty of the city’s austere image of the past. As Honor puts it, “I say yes to holding my breath while driving through tunnels.” In the EP’s other original track, the spare and melancholic “Bobby We Died (We Had a Hell of a Time),” Honor pays tribute to her current city, Berlin. Written as a farewell, the track depicts the haze of a Berlin morning, suggesting an aftermath, “post-everything, breath forever held.” Recorded alone, in Honor’s bedroom, over a year after “Yes Manzoni” was completed in a studio on a farm outside Birmingham, “Bobby We Died” marks a significant passing of time. “In ‘Yes Manzoni’ there’s a line about a grey heart simmering,” notes Honor. “By ‘Bobby We Died’, the heart’s gone wild.” The EP also comes with two, masterful remixes: the dark, thumping Tarsius edit of “Yes Manzoni” and Modulogeek‘s intricate, synth-laden, dancefloor-friendly interpretation of “Bobby We Died.”

Yes Manzoni (EP)

album art by Luis Antonio Santos and New Geometry


01 Yes Manzoni
02 Bobby We Died (We Had a Hell of a Time)
03 Bobby We Died (Modulogeek Remix)
04 Yes Manzoni (Tarsius Remix)

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Preview video for “Yes Manzoni,” the first Number Line Records release from Honor Gavin.Read more